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ASPEN HOUSING has dwellings located in both the St. Cloud metro area and in a rural setting with easy access to the surrounding communities.


This 1916 Colonial Revival home, owned by ASPEN HOUSING, is the largest house ever built in St. Cloud. It sits on three city lots.


ASPEN HOUSING has been publically honored for its maintenance of historic properties. This 1892 home is within walking distance of shopping, entertainment and recreation.


ASPEN HOUSING has property near St. Cloud State University, the Technical College, beauty schools and the downtown St. Cloud area.


ASPEN HOUSING offers clean, affordable comfort in great locations.


ASPEN HOUSING has several properties which have been included in the St. Cloud Century Homes Recognition Program by the Historical Preservation Commission.


View of Lake George from two of our downtown St. Cloud properties.


The oldest home in St. Cloud's Southside Historic District has been renovated by ASPEN HOUSING to restore and preserve its Folk Victorian character.


Occupants of ASPEN HOUSING enjoy the non-party atmosphere of our property.


All ASPEN HOUSING locations have in-house laundry facilities.


Caring and understanding management caters to its residents' needs in a friendly, professional manner.


ASPEN HOUSING accommodates tenants who prefer a non-smoking, pet-free environment.


We offer professionals, students and families quality home environments at reasonable prices.


The management is noted for its quick response should a problem or need arise.


Inside completely remodeled. New windows and siding to come!


The facilities and grounds are clean and well-maintained.